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News surfaced this week after an officer in Detroit made a viral snapchat video mocking a teenager walking home after police impounded her car.

On Tuesday night, Corporal Gary Steele pulled over Ariel Moore, 24, for having expired plates. He then called to have her car impounded. Moore was offered a ride home, but insisted that she walk to her home that was a block away. As she walks away, Steele records her and makes a few unsettling statements.

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In a press conference on Thursday, Detroit Police Chief James Craig stated that he is incredibly angry about Steele’s actions. He also apologized to Ariel’s mother and waived all the fees for towing her car and returned her vehicle.

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As briefly mentioned, Steele also has a problematic history that includes domestic violence and even  previous jail time. Since the incident on Tuesday, Steele has been demoted and reassigned.

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