New Orleans rapper Kyyngg is an up-incoming artist out of New Orleans, Louisiana he is more known for the controversy he seems to always be in more so than his own music.  Kyyngg has been in several beefs with artist such as Young Thug, and More! and this time Kyyngg has re-surfaced again and like always not for his music but for more controversy.


Kyyngg Posted a video on social media of him with his three children holding fire arms the children look to range in ages from toddler to about seven years old.  Each child is seen holding weapons including the toddler, some people are calling for the authorities to arrest and bring charges up on Kyyngg for child endangerment and neglect.

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Others on the other hand are saying that he is absolutely within his second not third amendment rights to allow his children to hold his fire arms.  How do you feel about this, do you think charges should be brought up against him or is he within his rights in this particular situation let us know in comment Section Below and also take or poll that is posted.

Video Below…..



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