T.I. at Triumph Awards 2015

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According to TMZ, T.I. seems to think that Travis Scott’s decision to perform during halftime at the Super Bowl is selfish.

Travis Scott has caught all kinds of heat from celebrities left and right about his choice. Of course, Colin Kaepernick had a statement released that he didn’t agree with Travis and there was no mutual agreement made when the two teams were in contact. Common also added his two cents, but Nick Cannon took the cake with his perspective!

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Cannon was a guest on BET’s “Raq Rants,” and he told her that “Scott’s move clearly shows he doesn’t care for black culture.”

But when it comes T.I., he had this to say:

I think every man have an opportunity … he can make a decision for himself, or he could be selfless. And, nobody can tell someone when to be selfless.

That’s every man’s right to choose that moment for themselves. So, if this ain’t something that he wanted to be selfless about, hopefully in the future we’ll see other moments where he will. You dig?

Get it. Got it. Good.

Travis Scott and Maroon 5 are hitting the main stage Feb. 3. Will you be watching?

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