We love Ari! She sang at Aretha Franklin’s funeral and gave us Thank You, Next… But has she gone a little too far? Some people seem to think so! Her newest release 7 Rings is causing a bit of commotion. First, Princess Nokia took to the web convinced that Ariana Grande had copied her song Mine.

It later came out that Nokia actually “borrowed” the beat for Mine from Kali Uchis. However, Demetria Obilor, a newscaster in Dallas went viral for comparing Ari’s 7 Rings to Soulja Boy’s Pretty Boy Swag.

Soulja, who has been coming up with receipts like CVS, responded by calling Ariana Grande a thief.

All the comparisons have been pretty much a reach except for one. 2 Chainz took to the gram to put in his 2 cents about the situation since Ari’s new song sounds a lot like his old one. Check it out!

Who do we give the credit to? Ariana? Princess Nokia? Soulja Boy? 2 Chainz? Vote Below!


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