The Aubrey and three amigos tour is approaching its final dates for the tour.  The tour has hit several cities these last couple months and the production of each performance has been flawless until now.  At a recent Atlanta show the migos were on stage performing when all of a sudden their microphones were instantly turned off.  The group along with thousands of fans were baffled and confused on what exactly had taken place before their own eyes.  Once the Multi-platinum group realized what was happening they walked off stage to backstage.  Both Drake’s team and Migos team were asked for comments Drake’s team had no comment but someone from Migos team stated that they are still unsure of what caused the situation and that they will get back to everyone on what exactly took place during the performance.  If you missed the clip of the incident here it is below.

     Video Below…


Migos Meet & Greet at Summer Jamz 20
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