New Kids On The Block Perform At The Tacoma Dome

Source: Mat Hayward / Getty

Nelly may have officially quieted down some of the negative press that was coming his way. Last October, Nelly was arrested for rape, a woman named Monique Greene accused the rapper of sexually assaulting her after inviting her onto his tour bus.

Greene says that after she was invited on the bus Nelly forced oral and vaginal sex against her will and then kicked her off the bus and threw a $100 bill at her.

Nelly refused the allegations and actually tried to countersue Greene for defamation. However TMZ reports that both sides have agreed to dismiss the case altogether.

Apparently there are still inconsistencies with the case as Greenes attorney suggest that there was a transfer of funds resulting in the settlement, while Nelly’s lawyers are saying otherwise.

At least for now, its not as hot in here as it were for Nelly.

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