Lil Wayne officially announces that ‘Tha Carter V‘ will be released on Thursday in a new video. Thursday is his birthday so its no surprise there. Fans were pissed just a few days ago at the fact that Weezy’s album didn’t drop on the that it was originally teased to drop last week.

It seems like Wayne has noticed the cries of the fans and has addressed the situation in the video below.

Fans have been waiting patiently on the release of the album ever since his last ‘Carter’ album was released way back in 2011. Earlier this month it was announced that Wayne got the official ownership rights to Young Money Records and could officially release projects under the label without a connection to its former parent company Cash Money. This was fantastic news for hip-hop fans who have been waiting for new music from Wayne for some time.

Wayne did release a mixtape to hold over his true fans back in January of this year with ‘Dedication 6’.  It definitely reminded fans of his talent as he rapped over the instrumentals to hit songs like his classic mixtape from the early 2000’s. While that may have been enough for the casual Wayne fan, the major Wayne fans weren’t satisfied and craved for new music from the “Lollipop” rapper.

His last album in this series of albums, ‘Tha Carter IV’ wasn’t to shabby on the charts it had hits like ‘John’ and ‘6 Foot 7 Foot’, but it pails in comparison to its predecessor  ‘The Carter 3’ which is considered one of the best hip-hop albums of all-time. The album had such hits as ‘A Milli’, ‘Lollipop’, ‘Mrs. Officer’ and more and ended up selling over 1 million albums in the first week alone.

It wasn’t just a win for Lil Wayne but for hip-hop as a whole as fans celebrated its success nationwide.

Despite Wayne’s past success and his undeniable talent, fans are wondering what Lil Wayne we’ll get on this album since he hasn’t released in music to promote the new album.

Are we getting the original songs that he recorded that were supposed to come out years ago? Or did Wayne go back in the lab and make some new songs?

What producers has he worked with? What features are on the album?

Guess we’ll have to wait until Thursday to find out!



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