Ford is making use of Detroit’s Central Train Station immediately.

In a random and unexpected series of events, Ford Motor Company, which purchased Michigan’s Central station for $90 million, will be turning the landmark train station into a haunted house Detroit Free Press reports.

According to a Crain report, for one day Ford is putting on a haunted house at the vacant train station later this year. The haunted house will be on the stations first floor and has pretty much been confirmed by Ford. Now the company is just deciding when the haunted house will be. The reports state that Ford is considering the weekend before Halloween as well as Halloween day itself, which unfortunately for kids falls on a Wednesday this year.

Arguably the greatest news to come out of this event is the fact that it will be free of charge for those who would like to attend. The only catch is that there is a preference on those who are allowed to attend, individuals of the Corktown neighberhood will get first dibs on the haunted house.

In May Ford Motor Company paid $150 per square foot for the 600,00 square foot station as just a part of program to bring an electric vehicle technology campus to Corktown, so it makes sense that the haunted house is being pushed to Corktown residents first.

The city of Detroit in general has responded positively to the purchasing and possible renovation of the station. Though it has been inactive since 1988 it is still considered one of the Detroit areas most prized possessions and is considered a local landmark by all those who’ve either had the opportunity of being in it when it was thriving to those that have just recently noticed its beauty. In 1975 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

We think this is a good first step to the stations redevelopment and we look forward to future plans that Ford has with the station.


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