Post Malone has definitely been playing it crazy with these near death experiences, and this extremely creepy video shows us pretty much why his life is starting to feel like a horror movie.

a while back before Post malone’s private jet nearly crashed, his Rolls-Royce got totaled and armed crooks targeted him … the rapper was hanging with “Ghost Adventures” cast member Zak Bagans the two went on an haunted adventure into a haunted museum and stumbled across something known as the world’s most haunted object.

Sources say that Zak said that “the close encounter went down in June at his Haunted Museum”. The object is called the dybbuk box. Dybbuk is Yiddish for “malicious spirit” and the box is said to have been the inspiration behind the horror flick, “The Possession.”

Also Zak Has Stated That He “took the dybbuk box out of it’s case to touch it and that when he touched it, post touched his shoulder at the time so a curse may have transferred to him or something”.

Video Below…