Nicki minaj recently took to social media and to clear all false rumors about the sales of her debut album “Queen” being lower than Travis Scott’s second week sales which allegedly did 250k in sales.  Nicki Stated in a post that her album sales were not around the total of 190k and that the number is way more higher than what is actually been threw around.  Nicki also posted on twitter an apple music sales chart by (Seen Below) which had Nicki at the #1 spot and Travis Scott at the #3 spot on the list.  Nicki also stated in a post that actual real numbers would not be posted till sunday 8/19 and after saying  that she also posted a comment on Twitter that stated “This is what happens when you release a  great body of work after they spent millions to ruin you. lol . 4 albums later still breaking records #1 in 86 countries after they said it was a wrap.  Praise god.  he’s about to expose them.  they writing about 69 cuz #Queen is flawless”  



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