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All one needs is a single video to breakthrough. That’s proven out since the 80s with MTV and it continues to prove true in the YouTube generation of the 2010s. YBN Nahmir is witnessing that fact first hand after the rapid viral success of his song “Rubbin Off The Paint.” The video shot in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama quickly introduced the world to a sharp tongue rapper who brandishes guns in the video yet simultaneously shows off a lighter side with references to cartoons like Rick And Morty.

Nahmir already saw a little bit of success with his SoundCloud page, but it was the sudden explosion of “Rubbin Off The Paint” on YouTube that really brought the spotlight on him. It was uploaded in early September 2017, but within a couple weeks, the video was on Worldstar and on its way to its first million views. He described the initial feeling of success simply as a “Blessing,” he said. “It just happened over night and it changed my whole life.” Fast forward only a few weeks later and the video eclipsed 40 million views while racking up over 10 million streams on Spotify, numbers that earned it the #79 position on the Billboard Hot 100 chart the #33 spot on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart upon its chart debut. To date, “Rubbin Off The Paint” has garnered over 106 million views and 93 million audio streams!

Reflecting back on his family life growing up, his dad wasn’t often present nor was his step-father, but he found comfort in being with his mother, auntie, and cousins. Coming of age in Birmingham, Nahmir says “it’s not all dirt roads and civil rights movement the way people think it is,” in actuality the city holds the unfortunate distinction of having the third highest murder rate in the United States. Excited about where his career may go next, the young rapper stressed how supportive his family is and how excited they are for him to escape the danger and the death toll. “They more happy than me,” said Nahmir, “When ‘Rubbin’ Off The Paint’ got on Worldstar, I came into school and they weren’t even mad about the guns or nothin’. My principal, all my teachers, they knew the song and recognize the opportunity I have. There ain’t a lotta rappers coming out of Birmingham.”

“I’m living good right now and I’m just glad that I’m out of trouble,” said Nahmir looking back at just how quickly his life changed. Nahmir first started rapping when he was 13 using a microphone from the video game Rock Band with a napkin draped over it, but eventually he saved up $40 for a Blue Snowball mic and recorded “Rubbin’ Off The Paint” using a sock as a pop filter. While he was just getting started with music, people who were already following him online might have known about him through Twitch and YouTube videos of him playing games like Grand Theft Auto V. Nahmir wouldn’t want to think of himself as a “nerd,” but that interest in gaming and his charismatic persona shows a different side to the artist and earned him a following before he ever made music.

When he started breaking out, people incorrectly guessed that he was from the Bay Area with the particular slang he used and his quick-witted rapping style, not to mention the fact that he name-dropped Sacramento local legend Mozzy (“But I’m rockin’ with my shooters and that’s mandatory / One up top like I’m Mozzy, bitch I keep a 40”). Though it would be easy to assume that he was aware of Bay Area culture through the internet, in actuality Nahmir was turned onto their music through friends in Birmingham who had originated from Oakland. Now he’s recording with the rappers he was merely fans of a few months prior. 

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