MIPTV 2014 : Opening Party In Cannes

Source: Tony Barson / Getty

With the major success of “Power” and BET’s “50 Central” we forget that 50 cent’s first love is music.  We forgot about all the hits that this man had for over a decade. We may have forgot but apparently someone hasn’t and he goes by the name of John Travolta.

At the Canes Film Festival 50 Cent was performing some of his classic hits. I guess the moment hit John Travolta because he got up on stage and showed the audience that he still had moves . The audience went crazy and apparently 50 loved it also as he went to social media and said “”Me and John Travolta partying l swear l only came out here because of him,” wrote 50 in a Twitter post that features a clip of the actor on stage dancing.” Will we see a collaboration in the future with these two. Will Travolta make an appearance on POWER? We will see.

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