“I see the beauty in nature. I just like to see and put out what I think is beautiful. And put my swag on it, and my style, and how I feel. Everything I stand for, I put into the photos”- Lil B

If you are a huge hip-hop/ rap fan you are definitely familiar with Lil B aka The Base God and his hit single “I Swag“. Well, there is more to Lil B than rapping. On Saturday in Berkely, Lil B hosted his first ever art show. At the Berkely Art Museum, Lil B stood in front of a packed crowd to discuss his exhibit which consisted of a plethora of pictures that B has taken over the years, specifically from 2010. sits down to talk to Lil B about his photography, his previous work with Dior Paint and Rain in England, mental health and his battle with anxiety, about processing trauma, getting bullied as a child, and of course being attacked by his former friend and rap star A Boogie With Da Hoodie.

Take a look at Lil B’s short documentary entitled ‘Believe in Earth’


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