Cardi B

Source: Sebastian Prudent / GlobalGrind

Imagine living in a world where it’s so hard to be removed from the top. Since her break through hit “Bodak Yellow”, Cardi B has never looked back. Though she was a well known reality tv star, it still seems like she became a international star over night. Her run consist of having the number one song on the charts, getting engaged to a member of the biggest group in hip hop right now, landing a feature and going on tour with one of the biggest names in music(Bruno Mars), hosting Saturday Night Live and lets not forget, debuting her already certified Gold album just four days ago. She is clearly on top right now but cares nothing about being on top.

In a recent interview addressing questions on twitter, Cardi was asked what she felt about becoming the Queen of rap. Cardi responded by saying ““That’s not something that I care much about. Like, I just want to make music and be rich,”  She added “In order to be the Queen of Rap, like, you have to live up to a certain expectation. You have to have, like, a certain expectation of lyrics, certain stuff like that and its like, I do music that makes me feel happy, that I want to bounce to, that I like and love. So, I really don’t care about stuff like that.” Great answer Cardi B and congrats to everything you’re receiving right now. 

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