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Source: Alicia West / Radio One

We all know the story of rap star Tee Grizzley. He breaks it down for you line for line in his hit single ‘First Day Out’. But just in case you didn’t know, the rapper did jail time for being caught stealing in home av among other things. Now typically the way it works is if you do the crime then you do the time. This is exactly what happened with the rapper. However it seems that some think Tee Grizzley’s punishment is not over.

A victim of Tee Grizzley went on to social media yesterday stating that he wants $2500.00 from the rap artist for the property that he stole. These items included an X-Box , Mac Pro and $190.00. The victim also claims he would be willing to fight if need be. So far this is basically a game of he said, she said. There is no proof that this man is actually of victim of Tee Grizzley’s past home invasions. In my opinion even if Grizzley did steal from this man, he already served his punishment when he went to jail. What are your thoughts?


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