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Lil Pump has been quiet but it’s been for a great reason. After the huge success of “Gucci Gang” , Lil Pump made a name for himself and built a huge fan base off the song. As much momentum as he built, it seems he has kind of lost a little bit of a buzz with no follow up song. But this has been for good reason.

About two weeks ago he took to IG standing on top of what appeared to be an office desk screaming “new deal”. It appears, however, that Pump was willing to settle for a little over half that amount. According to TMZ, the rapper has returned to Warner Bros. where he secured a recording contract for $8 million, and despite still being only 17, this time it’s binding. Well it’s not the $15 mill he swore he said he wasn’t taking no less than but it’s still good money.

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