Blac Youngsta screengrab

Source: Buck TV / Buck TV

Blac Youngsta is doing his promotional tour right now for his new album 223. The song ‘Booty’ is climbing charts and staying in heavy rotation all over the globe. If the video didn’t provide you with enough “booty” then Black Youngsta is literally giving away a booty to some lucky lady. The point of this is to uplift the woman with this booty give away. Just when you thought nothing else could shock you coming out of Blac Youngsta’s mouth, he always finds a way.

In a recent interview with TMZ he talked a lot about his “booty give away ” contest. But when asked who he thought had the best celebrity booty in the game, Blac Youngsta said “That’s easy Lady GaGa. I love Lady Gaga”. Am I the only person that thinks Lady Gaga’s “booty” is not even in the top ten celebrity booties?

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