Blac Chyna

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Some how some way Blac Chyna has gotten herself right back where she loves to be, in the tabloids. So last year her naked photos were leaked by Rob Kardashian and she took him to court because of it. And this time she’s back in the tabloids for something completely different, well not really. Last week footage was leaked of her having her way with a man orally. Once again she instantly got her attorneys involved.

Immediately following the leaked clip of Blac Chyna giving oral pleasure, another full length sex video was leaked with reports that this was also her.  However, sources close to Chyna revealed that while she thinks the person has some similarities to her, it’s not her. Her lawyers have sent cease and desist letters to the site to take down the new clip and the former clip of Chyna and Mechie. So I guess now that everybody knows that the full sex tape is not her, she has all her dignity back from the oral tape that leaked that we all know was her. Am I missing something? What do yall think?

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