Blac Youngsta screengrab

Source: Buck TV / Buck TV

Fresh off the release of his new video for ‘Booty” Blac Youngsta has been very busy. If you haven’t seen the video yet, it features a miniature Blac Youngsta and about a million life size rumps. And if this enticing video wasn’t enough to make you want to hear Blac Youngsta’s new album 2.23  then maybe his initiative to help a sister in need of a new “BOOTY” will.

That’s right Blac Youngsta took to IG yesterday and made a video saying he is teaming up with Dr. Miami and will be sponsoring Butt shots to one lucky lady. He made it clear that this will not be for a “whore” but this will be for a woman who is feeling down and has low self esteem. So let me get this right, the way to help a woman with low self esteem is by her a butt injection shot? I guess Blac Youngsta, I guess. What do yall think?

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