“I’m interested in pushing the dialogue of blackness”- Jordan Casteel 

In this day and age, meaningful expression and diversity is imperative and can be seen all throughout social media and within the entertainment industry. The demand for diverse representation in media can be seen with the breakout success of the Marvel all-black cast superhero movie Black Panther which grossed 404 million in its first week. Furthermore, creatives are using different artistic mediums to express themselves and to influence change and provoke meaningful conversations.

Meet Jordan Casteel; an African American female visual artist that is documenting the Black Men’s lives and their experiences. Graduating in 2014 from the prestigious YALE University with an MFA in Fine Arts, Casteel has made it her mission to better under the Black Male experience through her painting, emphasizing their composure in their elements; such as a barbershop, their home, in public, etc. The 27-year-old was selected for their residency at The Studio Museum in Harlem in New York City which is renown artist incubator for black art.  Jordan Casteel sits down with to discuss her love for art, why she chose to paint the black male experience, her passion and much more.

Watch Art 21 “New York City Close Up” of Jordan Casteel


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