In celebration of Black History Month, UAW Ford is recognizing African Americans who have paved the way for others!

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UAW Ford recognizes Shelton Tappes –

Shelton Tappes

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Shelton Tappes was born in Omaha, Nebraska and came to Detroit in the late 1920’s. A UAW member since 1937, Mr. Tappes was particularly active in the organization of the production foundry unit at the Ford Rouge plant in 1941. He was a part-time organizer for the foundry unit, the first foundry unit chairman, and a member of the negotiating committee that secured the UAW’s first contract with Ford Motor Company. He also served as recording secretary of Local 600. Defeated for a fourth term, he later went to work on the staff of Ken Bannon, where he was recognized as a top authority on contract interpretation and grievance procedure. From 1954 until his retirement in 1976, Mr. Tappes served as an international representative for the UAW in the Ohio area. He was active throughout his life in a number of civil rights organizations and was one of the UAW’s most vocal advocates for African-American representation on the UAW executive board.

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