Detroit’s own, Peezy takes DJBJ2535 to the neighborhood he grew up in. Posted right on Cedargrove, Peezy spills it all to DJBJ on “It’s So Cold in The D”.

Peezy was very fortunate to grow up with and around family. His blood family members, including his grandmother and aunts resided on the same street he did. His family oriented and close knit upbringing trickled down into adulthood, allowing him to understand the importance of having and maintaining powerful relationships with his peers. Peezy attest that his current circle is a healthy compilation of people he grew up with, went to school with or grew up with in the same neighborhood.

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Peezy tells DJBJ that he knew for certain music would be his choice career when he received one of his largest checks. He was taken back yet in awe that music could produce so much in his life and allow him to live with stability.


Peezy also touches the subject that of drugs and the influence that rappers and people in the limelight have on young adults. He encourages young adults to stay away from drugs including prescription drugs as they have awful side effects on the body.


Peezy honestly tells DJBJ that Detroit without a doubt has made and constructed him into a stronger individual.


To learn more about Peezy,  check out the rest of the interview below!

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