Fenkell’s finest, Big 5 also known as Sino is not only making strides in the music industry but also in the film industry. More importantly, Sino is making it a point to be a shining light in the community. Thus, he recently demanded that the City of Detroit, repair the streets in his old neighborhood. Sino tells DJBJ3525 on “It’s So Cold In The D”, that he only desires to publicize the reconstruction so that people do know someone from the hood is actually helping. Sino also describes the growing pains of being one of many siblings. His upbringing allowed him to understand the importance of being a team player and how to share with people you love.

Sino makes mention and shows gratitude for the many artist who showed him love when he first started music. From ToneTone, Stretch Money, to Juan. With Juan being one of the first artists to give him his first free verse. Sino is a prime example of what hard work, diligence and being self-sufficiency can attract to you.  The businessman in Sino understands timing in regards to branding and brand management. Thus, he is not leaving music for film, but instead taking advantage of the timing of the opportunity.

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Source: @k.c_8 / Radio One

From web series to script reading and a lead role in the popular film, “Plug Love”, Sino is prayerful that his recent lead role will take and allow him to expand his brand into bigger and better things. Make sure you check out the interview to learn more about Sino aka Big 5 and what he has planned next!

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