#PayAttention DJBJ Sits Down With Julian LaHood to Talk Life, Music & Goals


#PayAttention DJBJ Sits Down With Julian LaHood to Talk Life, Music & Goals


Born April 15th, 1998, 19 year old rising HipHop/ Pop sensation, Julian LaHood has been quickly gaining traction in his community and is rapidly expanding. From Detroit, Michigan, this young star has spent his last year and a half working on his “masterpiece” of an Album “Something New.” While putting countless hours into his album, Julian has kept his patient fans/following entertained by releasing music every so often on SoundCloud. SoundCloud is where his career started at 18 years old, releasing his first single “Runnin remix” on SoundCloud and gaining instant traction, Julian has added an additional 10 songs to his SoundCloud page this year while he has worked on his album “Something New”.

“I plan to take some of these songs from SoundCloud and form a mixtape with them before I release my album “Something New,” Julian says. Julian also plans to gain traction to his upcoming album through the use of a few music videos. His hit song and music video “Monkfish” was recently trending on WorldStarHipHop, gaining just under 1 million views over night.

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How did your artist name come about?

“I have always felt that I have been blessed with a cool name. Julian LaHood. Though it was not until recently I decided to keep my last name as a part of my artist name. For a while I just wanted to be Julian.”

Who were your musical influences growing up?

“Growing up I was lucky enough to have an older brother six years of age older than me. As well as an older sister who is five years older than I am. Because of this I was able to be introduced and listen to all the hit records of their time. Records I still love till this day. For example, Where My Girls At by 702 or Lets get Married, Jagged Edge. I also have a little sister 8 years younger than I am. And she has been passed down the musical genes as well. I have been influenced by every artist, but the ones who have the most influence on my life are Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake , 50 Cent, Ludacris, Dr. Dre, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Game, Nelly, Big Timers, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Kanye West, etc. This list goes on and on. People often ask me what flow or image I am trying to capture with my music. My answer, I don’t exactly have one. I feel what I hear and I make what I feel. My image is myself, Julian LaHood. I want the world to see me for who I truly am. An outgoing, kind loving person who enjoys life, women, has an absolute complete addiction to music, and just so happens to have the ability to create hit record after hit record. I want the world to see me for me.”

How do you describe your flow/music?

“If every artist there has ever been had a baby it would be me. My music can vary from hard, powerful rap songs to pop radio hits that will make anybody move.”

What Hip Hop Albums did you grow up listening to?

“Some of my Favorite albums include – Get Rich or Die Trying, Country Grammar, every Lil Wayne album and mixtape there has ever been. Marshall Mathers LP and more, The College Dropout, Graduation and more.”

What is the current single product you are promoting?

“In the largest aspect of things, I am promoting my album “Something New”. I am doing this by releasing just a few songs from the album with music videos to go along side them. This will give people a small taste of the album and leave them wanting for more.”

How did the record come about?

“The first song/ video I have released from the album is called “Monkfish.” The day I created Monkfish I actually went in the studio to finish the second verse of a different song. I was shown the instrumental to Monkfish and my body would not stop moving. This was when I knew I needed to trade in the beat I had previously bought, sit down, get a hook on this song, and make it a hit. I was allowed to exchange my beats, and two hours later, Monkfish was created.”

What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer?

“In today’s world my dream collaboration would be A Boogie, or to also hop on a beat with Metro Boomin. It would be a dream come true to one day be on a song with artists Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Drake as well. Though I would be pleased to make a song with almost every artist we have in the game today.”

Are you currently touring, or do you have any upcoming shows?

“I recently opened at VOGUE nightclub in Pontiac, Michigan for DJ Chase B and DJ MO BEATZ at their Battle of the DJ’s concert August 22nd. October 28th I am performing at a costume party Halloween Bash in Royal Oak, Michigan at the Modern Skate Park. The day before New Years Eve, December 30th, I am opening for RiFF RaFF in Atlanta, GA at the Freight Depot.”

How is the response from fans and DJ’s?

“I have been making music for just over a year now. I have lots of songs, many of which have not been released to the public just yet. I have never showed one of my songs to a fan or DJ and received negative feedback about any of the songs I’ve ever made. This I am thankful to say. The only negative feedback I have received are the crazy comments most artists get when they release their work on sights like YouTube or WorldStarHipHop. Other than that, it has been all love and positivity from plenty of people who believe in what I am doing.”

What Artist do you listen to the most?

“This question is very hard for me because I have an individual love for so many different artists. Recently the artist I listen to most, is myself, Julian LaHood.”

What are your plans for 2017?

“My plans for 2017/18 are to save music from the path it is headed down. Though I do not have an issue keeping up with the trends, I do have a problem with some of the music that is being valued in today’s world and I am here to fix it. Plenty of what is being listened to by these younger generations these days really is not music. I am here to bring back Real Music. I am here to give the people “Something New”.”

How can fans reach out to You?

“Fans can reach out to me however they want. I have always been a person people enjoy coming to talk to and fame or no fame. I will forever be that person, willing to listen.”

Any last words?

“The code I live by. The only people who should be close to us, are those who CANNOT LIVE without us.”

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