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Okay so the Monique protest continues only this time she is coming with facts to help persuade us more. Wanda Sykes is on her side and now even Jada Pinkett Smith but that’s not enough. Monique is still asking for the masses to boycott Netflix. So yesterday her and her husband took it back to social media with some hard core facts of her compared to Amy Schumer.


Monique said  “Amy Schumer’s budget for ‘Snatched’ was $42 million, and it made $45 million. And it was in how many theatres? 3,511. That’s a $3 million profit. ‘Almost Christmas’ budget was $17 million and made $42 million. That’s a $25 million profit. And how many theatres was it in? 2,379. Could somebody please make it make sense? And can you see the disparity in that number and what bankability really is?” Do yall think she has a point? Let us know.

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