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African American boy at the school writing on the board

Source: andresr / Getty

Parents imagine this, you had a long day at work and your head is throbbing. Your boss has gotten on your nerves since the beginning of work and co workers wouldn’t stop talking to you with stinky breath. All you want to do is pick your child up and go home. Except when you pick your 9yr old child up and ask do they have homework, their reply is they must list 3 good reasons for slavery.

This is exactly what happened in Milwaukee Wisconsin. At Our Redeemer Lutheran School a group of fourth grade students received a group assignment to give three good reasons for slavery and three bad reasons. Once parents took offense this and made commotion a letter was send out by the principal sent a letter home to the parents saying “the purpose of the assignment was not in any way, to have students argue that any slavery is acceptable and will no longer be a component of the curriculum.


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