Diddy And Dirty Money - HMV Oxford Street Single Signing

Source: Ian Gavan / Getty

Okay just to be totally honest, I’m confused on what to call Sean Combs. Notice I called him by his government name because his current status of nick names is all over the place. Just to recap in his career, he has been called Sean Combs, Diddy, Puff Daddy, and Either Brother Love. And now he’s back with another one.

I guess technically he’s not totally back with another one. He’s just dropping the BROTHER out of BROTHER LOVE. So remember late last year when he deemed himself on IG as ‘Brother Love’? Then he retracted his statement and said that it was just a joke. But on Jimmy Kimmel yesterday he announced that he has officially changed his name to ‘Love’. So I guess Love it is. What do yall think?

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