The NBA on Christmas day was definitely a wild day from games like sixers against knicks, Wizards vs Celtics, and to top it all off Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers on Christmas day.  Now its no shocker that a lot of NBA players have a frustration with the play calling in the game of basketball and on Monday that was very much so displayed during the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers game on Christmas day.  the refs of the game made the headlines in a close game that ended in the Warriors defeating the Cavs 99-92 due to a Lebron James and Kevin Durant Foul call.

During shoot around before the Cavs went up against the Sacramento Kings, LeBron James was approached by media was asked his thoughts on the missed call in such a clutch moment of the game against the Warriors.  when LeBron drove past Kevin Durant late in the fourth quarter.

Because of how the review rule is written in the NBA, missed calls cannot be called on reviewed. Only calls that were made can be replayed, no matter if the video reveals a missed call or three pointer.

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