2012 BET Awards - Show

Source: Christopher Polk / Getty

It seems Nicki Minaj has been in the tabloids for one reason or another recently. If she hasn’t been dropping new bars on IG, she’s been been stating her opinion on the new generation of hip hop. Well it seems Nicki is back to her humble beginnings when she a little more EXPOSED!

Over the weekend Nicki posted a picture of herself topless. Now keep in mind she had pastes on but still Nicki is this really where you are right now in your career? Do you really need to do these antics to still gain attention. Or maybe it’s because Cardi B is on the rise and nobody is really checking for her right now. So let me get this right, Cardi B stops showing her breast to let people know she’s serious about hip hop and Nicki Minaj is doing the exact opposite. Go figure! What do yall think?

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