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Cardi B

Source: Sebastian Prudent / GlobalGrind

So who doesn’t know Cardi B? I mean she’s on everybody’s mind and her name comes out everybody’s mouth because she’s the hottest thing in the tabloids for the last 3 months at least. It seems that Cardi is in a position that she can do no wrong because the whole world loves her and is happy for the once stripper turned mega star now . But even a mega star can cross the line and Cardi might have did just that.

In a recent interview she played a game where she read comments about Bodak Yellow and then she verbally replied to each of the comments that she read. Things went a little too far on one of the comments. “”How about you go back to taking ur clothes off so everybody can see you and not have to hear you”, alluding to Cardi’s past as a dancer. And this is what Cardi responded with  “Well, how about you drink a bottle of Clorox, and die. Or how about you f*** your mother, while your stepfather watch”. Whoa Whoa Whoa Cardi! Wishing death on a critic? Is that taking criticism just a little too far? Let me know what you think.

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