In the world of social media and Instagram influencers, consumers and businesses are learning the impact of followers and their social media marketing presence. Businesses and brands are no longer using the “old school” marketing tactics and campaigns; they are now using Instagram influencers to post their products in exchange for free merchandise, as well monetary incentive to boost the brand’s sales, notoriety and the “it actually works factor”. The lines have blurred from commercial marketing and celebrity sponsorship.

Brands and businesses have looked no further than using artists in the music industry to push their products and presences. With the advancement of technology and how music is consumed (through streaming services) displays the importance of the digital world. Brands are now realizing how imperative it is for brands to have personality and to have a relatable factor, and that is why artist partnerships have evolved so quickly that it has become the norm. takes a closer look at the music landscape and brand partnerships; what was once a “sellout” tactic has become the norm within the music industry, and social media world.

Take a look at some brand partnerships with some of the music’s bright stars below:


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