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Okay, I got just one question for the whole entire world. How do we get Tyrese to stay off social media?? No seriously does anybody have any clue how to make this happen? When Tyrese went on IG crying for his daughter it was mixed reviews. Some felt for him and some thought please don’t put that on IG. Then he posted another video crying about the sacrifice of his chef. Then he took social media thanking Will and Jada Smith for giving him $5 mill to help him. And now yesterday I guess he felt it was necessary to share with everybody that he was going broke.

“Thank you for the Coca-Cola placement. They know I’m going broke, I’m waiting for that Will Smith money.” Now rumors say that the Smith’s might not have actually agreed to this financial agreement but I hope that they did because maybe then Tyrese will finally stay off social media.

SMH: Tyrese Attacked On Social Media For Not Marrying A ‘Black’ Woman
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