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If you thought Chyna was done going after the Kardashian Family, you don’t know Black Chyna. Let us not forget this is the same woman who fought to have the name Kardashian and then the same woman who took her “Baby Daddy”(Rob Kardashian) to court to ask for a restraining order. You would think she would be looking to just separate herself from the family at this point but again, you don’t know Black Chyna.

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It seems she is suing the whole family for interfering with her family. According to Chyna, the Kardashians used their “power and influence over the E! Network to kill the second season.” She also referenced that the Kardashians interfered with the show to the point production found it nearly impossible to shoot. What do y’all think?

Rob Kardashian Goes In On Blac Chyna
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