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Over the weekend, Temple University honor student Katherine Scott was In Miami Florida celebrating her 22nd birthday when police say she was driving in her Black BMW, striking two vehicles along the way. She continued on, police say, running a red light and striking a third vehicle.

The aftermath of the accident was caught on a cell phone recording and commentaries of the video said that Katherine and other occupants of her vehicle, appeared to be intoxicated. In the video, you can see police officers and witnesses approaching Katherine to assess the situation. A young man who was in the car with Katherine, stepped out to take a look at the vehicle with other onlookers and the officers. Once the young man stepped to the side of the vehicle, Katherine then accelerated and ran over a uniformed police officer.

As a result, another police officer on the scene fired four- five shots from his gun, towards Katherine’s vehicle, striking Katherine and fatally wounding her. Investigations are currently being held at the Miami police department in order to determine whether the shooting was within the departments guidelines. The officer whom she struck, is now listed in critical condition.


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