For decades now the NBA All-Star game has been one of the biggest draws in the sports world. Every February you can look forward to seeing the leagues best-going head to head competing at the highest level showing off all their playground skills they can’t necessarily show during the regular season. What was always great about this game was the split between the East vs West conferences. Well, that tradition is now over and done.

To spike up ratings and help shake things up, the NBA is trying something different. There will be no more East vs West but instead, they’re taking it back to playground rules. The two players with the highest voted by the fans will be elected as captains. And from there the two captains will pick their all-star teams. The two captains can pick whoever they want no matter what coast they play on. So is it now possible to see Steph Curry throw Lebron alley-oop this All-Star Game? Let us know what yall think of this new system for the NBA All-Star Game.

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