“When people follow me on Instagram, they become part of this global community of people around the world who share the same point of view. It’s the same as when they wear a piece from this collection. More than ever, music is about this global community, whether it’s the track you’re listening to, the tour you’ve got tickets to, or the sweatshirt you wear that tells the world you speak the same language.”- The Weeknd

In the famous words of Joe Budden “The Weeknd is the only artist, to me, that has transitioned to mainstream pop seamlessly”. The Weeknd has come a long way from his House of Balloons days to now winning Grammys and being nominated for Academy Award. With his XO merchandise being seen across the world, selling out at all of his concerts, it is only right that Abel Tesfae partner with the big fashion brand H&M, for the second time.

According to the second partnership with The Weeknd and H&M line will be called “Selected By The Weeknd”. The collection will include t-shirts, varsity jackets, hoodies, parkas which will include The Weeknd’s name, label, and crew and of course the infamous XO. The collection will include 18 pieces for men and will be available this Friday, September 28th. The Weeknd also talk about how this clothing line helps create a sense of community; touching on the how the internet, social media, and fashion fosters a sense of belonging and understanding.

Check out some of the “Selected By The Weeknd” pieces below:


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