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Vogue 95th Anniversary Party : Photocall - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2016

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The year was 2005 and Kanye West was not only a house hold name but he was becoming a mega star. He teamed up with another mega star in the film business named Jamie Foxx and together they made the number one hit GOLD DIGGER. The song was so huge you really couldn’t turn on the radio and not here it being played no matter what station you turned to. Kanye West had arrived, and if he hadn’t had any other songs that crossed him over to a super star, Gold Digger did the job. It’s a fun , nod your head to the beat, get people to dance on the dance floor type of song that couldn’t possibly get anybody in trouble right?

Yesterday a video went viral that just might get a number of Caucasian women in trouble. Footage of the Alpha Phi Sorority surfaced with the UNH(University of Newhampshire) sorority tagged in the video. The recording shows the sorority singing the lyric “she aint messing with no broke n###a” as the song Gold Digger is playing in the background. According tho the UNH Director of Media Relations Erika Mantz, Alpha Phi Sorority has not been reprimanded yet. The question is should they be? Did they break any laws? Does this make them racist? After all the ladies were just singing a song right? What do you think should happen to this sorority?

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