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Rico Williams a.k.a. Rico WiL was born August 13th 1993  in Detroit. At a young age Rico began to develop a love for entertainment. At age 5 Rico began to act in plays. By the age of 9 he had been in  7 plays and was starting to develop a love for music. By age 10 he was a skilled piano player that had started to sing, rap and make  beats.  On  his  11th  birthday  his  brother  got  him  a  beat  machine  and  he  never stopped. At the age of 11 he moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where  he  attended  a  performing  arts  middle  school  and joined  the  piano program. During that time  he practiced  his craft and  by the time  he was thirteen  he  was better than half the kids his age. In 2006 he and his mother moved to Atlanta where he  began making beats  to the point where  he  had  over  500  beats  stored on his  mother’s computer. Over the  next  few  years  Rico was performing at shows  in  Atlanta and at school he became popular for making beats and rapping. In April 2010 at age 16 Rico passed his GED and  moved  back  to  Detroit. He signed  to  RuffDogg  Ent. in  July  of  2010  and began  recording  immediately.  A  few  months  later  Rico went  to  college  in  Orlando, Florida  where  he  attended  Full  Sail  University.  While  in Florida  Rico  released  2  of  his own mixtapes and appeared on 10 mixtapes as a featured artist and producer. By 2012 Rico  WiL  had  perfected  his  craft  and  had  established  a  fan  base  in  Texas,  Missouri, Washington, and Mississippi through and club spins. By the end of 2012 Rico had a son and returned to Detroit where he continued working on music. In 2013 Rico made his radio debut with his hit song “12:30” which helped grow a fan base in his home town. In the following months Rico had 6 more songs on the radio and began to perform at high school events and parties. Since then Rico WiL has established himself as an Artist, Writer, Producer, and Engineer, working with names such as Andre Drummond of The Detroit Pistons, Elijah Conner, Lil George, Eastside Ivo, Mercedes formally of No Limit, Lil Flip, Robert Curry of Day 26, Stretch Money, Tone Tone and more. Rico WiL has released a number of music videos and songs that showcase his Urban Upscale sound that he likes to call “Swag N Blues”. He has started his own company ‘I WiL Enterprises’ and partnered with Music Brokers Music Group and is working on his upcoming project, which is currently ‘Untitled’. Rico currently has 2 beautiful sons and is focusing on his future as well as theirs.

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