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“In a world that has historically doubted us, it takes a lot of willpower, confidence, and faith to beat the odds.”- Lankin Stirling 

#BlackGirlMagic, #BlackGirlsRock, #BlackMagic were all hashtag and are now becoming huge social movements; especially for young black women in this social media age. With shows, such has Blackish with the hilarious, gorgeous Tracee Ellis Ross, Yara Shahidi, and of course, Issa Rae for Insecure black women are being celebrated in every outlet, especially in television and film.

In the new documentary entitled STEP directed by Amanda Lipitz follows three young black women Blessin Giraldo, Tayla Solomon, and Cori Grainger all seniors attending Baltimore Leadership For Women high school preparing for an important step competition but to succeed and attend college. The documentary looks at the trials and tribulations of these three young women, but shining focus on their determination and what step means to them. Lankin Starling writer for discusses the importance of STEPS and how it positions black girl is an entirely different light, despite all the odds.

Check out the trailer for steps below

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