On behalf of HOT 107.5, DJBJ, the Friday Night Cypher family and the city of Detroit, we are deeply saddened at the loss of two bright young people who had so much promise for the future.

D'ma and Mel

Source: @pretty_brownbrown__ / @47entertainment_

Ramell Campbell (pictured center above), known by many friends as Mell and in the studio as 47 Ent, and Domonique Brown (pictured left), who went by the artist name of Domo Brown, both only 27 years old, were killed by gunfire early Sunday morning on I-94 near Livernois Ave.

Our thoughts and prayers go out the families of Ramell and Domonique and all of those affected by this senseless tragedy.

Additional information on funeral services and vigils will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

47 Ent had appeared on the Friday Night Cypher many times over the past year and quickly earned his way into DJBJ’s CORE group of artists that would perform every Friday. Although she had only appeared three times on the Cypher, Domo Brown was proving herself to be a serious talent and was starting to gain support from the city and the Cypher family. Both of these talented young artists will be sorely missed by all of us at HOT 107.5.


Check out Mell at 13:34 in Cypher #54 and at 35:48 in Cypher #55 below.

See Domo’s Friday Night Cypher debut at 6:48 in #53 and her going off in the HOT studio at 12:04 in #54 below.




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