Dwayne Wade?s Young, Fly and Flashy Skating Party

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Okay so who really thought this was going to be legitimate beef between Trick Daddy and Meek Mill. I got to admit after watching the first response by Trick Daddy to Meek Mill’s new album, I thought to myself “Okay Trick, I guess you had to make yourself relevant again”. But never did I think they would go back in forth. Boy was I wrong.

In recent interview Meek had this to say about Trick Daddy’s comments, “All our Og’s they don’t get on Instagram where  we’re from. If they wanna say something to somebody, they get in contact with them and say it to them. Especially when it’s that type level of anger”. Well Trick Daddy didn’t take to kind to those words. He went right back to instagram and said ” Man them f##k ni###s gotta pay respect, pay homage, and they gotta pay for protection”. I just hope it stays on social media beef and nobody really gets hurt.

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