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Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Conor McGregor held their first joint promotional appearance in Los Angeles yesterday (July 11) for their August 26 superfight in Las Vegas. During the press conference, Conor and Floyd traded barbs that were not safe for work or early evening television. During Floyd’s turn at the podium, Floyd took time away from the mic to start shadowboxing and dancing, which led to Conor grabbing his wireless mic to taunt Mayweather, yelling “dance for me, boy! Dance for me, boy!” Which then turned into “dance for me, sir! Dance for me,” after noticing that might’ve been a little racially tinged. Moments after Conor said that phrase, social media responded quickly:


In the below video, TMZ caught Floyd Sr. to get his opinion on the questionable line from McGregor:




Source: Washington Post

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