With only two days away (June 30) from The GOAT’s fourteenth studio album entitled 4:44 it has been four years since Jay released Magna Carta Holy Grail and a whole lot has taken place in the rapper’s life. For one, his wife Queen Bey aka Beyoncé drops her amazing, prolific, visual album Lemonade which sparked a whirlwind of rumours (we still do not know who “Becky with the good hair” is) to the birth of their twins on Father’s Day, to his streaming company TIDAL and their constant turnaround of CEOs. Nevertheless, that has not stopped Jay from giving his fans one last album and a probable fall tour.

Everyone is wondering what sound Hov will bring to the table. Some are hoping for the old school Blueprint, New York City, hustler flow that we all miss and love. Like typical Jay fashion, he has recruited a producer to help curate 4:44, and it is no other than producer No ID. I was first introduced to No ID when I stumbled upon Jhene Aiko’s mixtape Sailing Soul(s) and Sail Out. takes a look at No ID’s contribution to music looking at the various artist he has worked with such as Drake, Rihanna, and Kanye West to list a few. Complex also looks at the producer’s contribution to the album Watch The Throne and Kanye’s sound for his groundbreaking album 808 Heartbreak that changed the hip hop and music industry forever.

Here are some of No.ID’s production:


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