“I tell the truth through music. Other people tend to catch on and agree with my truth and it turns out we are really similar”- SZA 

With the release of her album ‘Ctrl’ and it is amazing reviews and features; it is no surprise that SZA has another hit album on her hands. With her hit single Love Galore featuring Travis Scott and Doves In the Wind feature Kendrick Lamar; surprisingly the record that everyone has been about talking is 20 something. This specific record hits home to the insecurities and growing pains that we all feel once, if not all the time in our lives, especially in our 20’s. “Hoping my 20 somethings wont end, hoping to keep the rest of my friends, praying the 20 somethings don’t kill me, kill me” SZA echoes over an acoustic guitar beat. SZA, like most of us, are hoping that the confusion of our 20’s will lead to light at the end of the tunnels by time we all hit 30.

Nevertheless, SZA’s album reassure us all that growth takes time and no matter where one is in life, as long as growth is happening that is all that matters. Lakin Starling a writer for talks about growth and evolution of self through SZA’s Ctrl album in her piece What SZA’s Evolution Taught Me About HealingAn amazing article discussing important themes about an incredible body of work.

Watch SZA’s video for her single Love Galore ft. Travis Scott



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