We are officially on baby watch when it comes to the Cater Twins! Allegedly Bey and Jay are building a million dollar maternity ward right in their estate.

Their last pregnancy with Blue Ivy Cater, the couple took no chances and secured a whole floor in a New York hospital to ensure their privacy and safety. It’s no different with these twins, except they’re stepping up their game! Neighbors have been seeing moving trucks come in and out of the house delivering what looks like incubators, and other neonatal equipment.

Some say that it’s unusual to give birth to twins at home but doctors have cleared Beyoncé as she is in prime health. There will be EMT on site in case something should go wrong, where she would then be shipped to Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

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Pregnant With Twins: Beyonce Shows Off Her Baby Bump #CarterTwins
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