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Hailing from Detroit, MI, the Black Elite Music Group formed in 2012 and includes members Midwest Reese, Quis Davon, Jack Steel, and Brilyent Kelly. Continuously recording song after song, Black Elite releases their latest single in 2017 “WINNING,” staring Midwest Reese, Brilyent Kelly and Quis Davon.


About the Artists


Brilyent Kelly

Professionally known as Brilyent kelly, an American rapper, songwriter, record producer and actor from Detroit, Michigan. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of Independent music group, Black Elite


Midwest Reese

A young idealist that believes anything is possible. So with a dream, Midwest puts all passion towards his music “I just have fun with everything I do that matters plus, it’s much more deeper than just music” Midwest Reese


Quis Davon

An American Multi-Genre recording artist and record producer from Detroit, MI. (May 2, 1992) At 25 years of age, he defies the stereotyping of Hip-Hop/Rap. He is one of the greats from Black Elite Music Group to come out with his own sound and style

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