“It’s not a new thing to say, but art reflects life, and my art definitely reflects my life,” she states. “I’m Palestinian and I’m looking at that struggle, and I’m a person of color and I’m looking at that in the world. It’s really saying… perhaps we can do this better.”- Merna

Merna, born in Jordan but now residing in Canada, spent most of her childhood traveling from continent to continent. It became a way of life which is reflective in her music. Merna explores and dismantles the notion of stability, and consistency not only in music but life, love, relationships, careers, etc. Throughout any realization or epiphany comes the morning or the grieving process of learning to let things and people go. Merna visits this theme on her first EP called The Calling released in 2014 Merna looks at the attachment, anxiety, and separation through that difficult transition.

Merna sits down with to discuss her new EP entitled Sans, and what fan expect especially being a new place of acceptance and understanding. She discusses the difference between The Calling and Sans, and much more.

Check out the full interview here. Listen to some of Merna’s music below:

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