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Baltimore Hands Up

Source: Alex Wong / Getty

Remember when you were a kid and you and your friends would walk up and down the street. Maybe you were coming from or going to the park. Maybe you were going to the store to get that favorite candy bar. Wherever you we’re going, I think it’s safe to say at the age of the 12 you didn’t have to be worried about police pointing guns at you.

The friends and family of five youths began rallying protests in the city of Grand Rapids after police stopped them at gunpoint as they were simply walking down the street last month, and the public got to see what when body-cam and in-car video footage of the incident was released this past week.


In the video you witness the officer pull up to the boys as they were walking and demand them to all lay down on the ground at gun point. The boys cried and cried as they pleaded they didn’t do anything. “They acted on articulate facts from a witness moments earlier who said he saw them hand a gun to each other,” Chief Rahinsky has said in defense of Johnson and the other officers.. “I think when the community sees what we’ve seen — with the body worn camera footage; I think they’ll have a different opinion. I respect their emotion. I think what we’re hearing is a lot of grief and frustration to systemic issues.” What do yall think? Police brutality or no?

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