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Based on the posts, it appears that Rihanna and Drake kept their distance and didn’t interact at the party. Clad in an animal-print coat and ripped jeans, Rihanna was photographed spending some time playing with a group of children in a ball pit. She attended the party with her BFF Melissa Forde. (US Weekly)


Do you know what it’s like to share friends with your ex and because of that, you have to become an expert at dodging her when you’re all in the same spot together? If Drake didn’t know what it was like before this weekend, he damn sure knows now. Of course, this isn’t one of the many exes we hear about from Toronto on any number of his tracks…it’s RiRi. See, having to duck a girl that the world doesn’t know is much easier than trying to weave around your superstar ex-girlfriend. Watch the above video to see Drizzy try his best to remain comfortable.

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