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New York rapper Nasir “Nas” Jones has admitted to being under the influence of marijuana when busted by Georgia police earlier this fall. Though the incident took place in early September, details on the arrest were revealed today (December 3).

When rapper Nas was arrested for DUI this past fall, he was driving under the influence of marijuana. The star, 36 was taken in by Henry County cops near his Georgia home on Sept. 10, and according to a police report, he admitted that he was smoking weed at a friend’s house before the arrest. (Us Magazine)

Further details show the rapper admitting to the charges, however, he will have to wait for legal action as the charges are still pending.

Check out the dash-cam footage of the arrest:

TMZ has obtained the police report, which says, “Mr. Jones had a green tongue with raised taste buds and his pulse was raised to 116 beats per minute.” The arresting officer says he observed “eyelid tremors in both eyes and body tremors.” Cops say the car smelled of “raw marijuana.” Nas told officers he had been smoking weed at his friend’s house before he was busted. Nas flunked one of the field sobriety tests — the walking test — by taking the wrong number of steps. (TMZ)

Nas collaborator Damian Marley recently gave their fanbase an update on their upcoming Distant Relatives album.

“[Sometimes this project seems] meant to be, as if it couldn’t be coincidence,” he explained in an interview. “That’s just been the energy throughout the project. Working with Nas, has been…wow, that’s been a dream come true. We’ve just been trying to figure out organic qualities, it’s a homegrown album, the whole concept, and the melodies and the whole feeling of the album – cats really work off of feeling. That’s how I approach music still. I’m not really somebody who has to overthink too much about the format of the music. It’s about feel. That’s what really what the experience has been about: making music that we feel and love. Whatever Nas feels and loves, we come together and make music based on that. We’ve been gettin’ to know Nas, in terms of outside career and music and these kind of things. We’ve been just trying to, like you say, have conversations with him. Sometimes lyrics will lead to hours of conversation and things of this nature. The whole experience behind this has been a lot of fun also.” (Hip Hop DX)

Nas recently explained why he expected this album to have a greater impact than 2008’s controversial Untitled.

“The next thing for us is the tour with me and Damian,” Nas revealed in an interview. “And probably a film we’re working on based on the project and we plan to make a lot — if we can help anybody in Africa, Kingston or Queens, or London, or wherever, if we can help anybody with this record, not with just hearing it but monetarily, we don’t like to just get caught up in all of that charity bullsh*t that everybody, sometimes it gets a little weird with that, you know. If we can help anybody with this thing then mission accomplished because that’s what it’s about. Distant Relatives, you, me, that’s what it’s about. And I think the title alone just says, it opens up a whole different conversation about what this is all about, distant relatives, family everywhere. I wanted to be more impactful than my last album, my Untitled album, because it was just certain things on that, I didn’t really get a chance to pull it off a hundred percent. There was a lot of pressure on that record. I do what I do and however it comes out, I’m happy, I’m thankful. I think this one will be a great turn-out as well.” (Semtex TV)

No additional details on Nas’ DUI case have been disclosed as of now.

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